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Julia, Jeremy and baby cooper.

The first time I met Julia I knew I would love her.  She’s beautiful, kind and tough.  I am sure, despite her size, that she could kick my ass.  I like that in a woman.  Her husband Jeremy is funny as heck and has a heart of gold.  I’m sure they balance each other very well.  I shot their engagement photos and then their wedding and now the baby.  I loved watching them be new parents.  The realization that your life is forever changed and that a night out on the town with a babysitter eats up half your paycheck. I remember way back when when I babysat and got paid 50 cents an hour.  Now they are making $15 an hour.  It’s a good thing those sweet babies are so dang cute. And you can’t forget about Jefferson Goldstein the dog.  I think that is what made me like these guys so much is that incredible name for their dog.

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