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How to get the best senior photographs for your high school senior.

Fairview highschool senior boy with red glasses and graffiti

The key to getting really great senior photos is to have an in depth conversation with each senior to discover what their likes and dislikes are and what’s important to them. Once we do that we  can produce a photo-shoot in support of  that. Dylan for example. After some discussion we opted for the RiNo …

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Family portraits with a big heart.

baby heart surgery scar and beads

  Sometimes hard things happen to us in life. This families youngest son was born with a heart issue and had to undergo surgery at a very young age. The beads were for everyday he was in the hospital. I know from my own experience that when anything happens to one of your children, it …

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How to get authentic family portraits.

  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!   Channah is one of my best friends.  I’m so grateful for her in my life. She  wanted me to photograph her family exactly as they are doing what they do everyday. One of the keys to natural photography is to just let people be without any real posing. I’m …

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How to achieve great baby portraits!

baby, photography

 I love babies:  Baby humans, baby animals, baby anything.  A lot of folks are under the impression that kids/babies should sit there and look cute and smile. Babies hardly ever do that.  They do what they know how to do, which is cry, laugh and entertain us. Rarely do I look back at the superposed …

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The importance of printed photographs and albums.

Bride and groom, engagement photos, chautaqua park

Ruyi and hsin-cheng chao   I come from a background of shooting film.  I love the look, smell and feel of it.  So it saddens me that today’s digital world does not often end up in prints or albums.  I’m not sure what people do with all their digital files but I have a sinking …

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My Creative Mind, where did it go?

I started thinking about my creative mind a while ago. I was wondering where it went.  I have felt for a long time that I had lost it.  My brain just wasn’t thinking like it used to.  The thing is I still love my photography, but that great, intense drive seems to be the thing …

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Wedding Shenanigans

bride and groom portrait kissing

Ruby and Dustin got married. As usual, I just love the couples I get to work with.  Each couple is uniquely different yet they all seem to have an authenticity about them that I find very attractive. Look at Ruby’s smile.  It’s fabulous.  It’s contagious.  Every time she smiled, I smiled. Dustin was super grounded.  …

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Before he says “I do”.

A tale of middle school love and a happy ending. This couple met in middle school. He told me ‘I used to sneak over to her house at night and throw rocks at her window. She’d jump out of her window and we’d run off. It had been snowing, we left footprints in the snow, …

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What to do if your left standing alone at your own wedding

Ceremony, hugs and kisses are over. The bride is left alone. We glanced at each other and she burst into tears. I ran to hug her, but first I had to snap the picture. … then I hugged her. (I love these moments.)

Cue the music…

  Literally, one of the coolest first dances I’ve shot … (I think the -6 degree weather really added to the intimacy of this outdoor wedding).  While their good friend strummed his guitar this couple had their first dance outside on the Pearl St. mall  under the stars, the streetlights and the January night sky.  

How to get great photographs of yourself

Have you ever said these things after you’ve had your photograph taken? I hate it. OMG, can you get rid of the wrinkles? I look so fat, can you get rid of the bulges? Look at my hair, I hate my hair. My eyes look so small, my smile looks weird… The solution Having a good rapport with the person who is photographing you develops …

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Wedding make up gone wrong!

Wedding Make-up gone wrong…. How do you want to look on your wedding day?   Do you want to look like yourself or some version of that? My advice: Enhance the person you show your partner and the rest of the world everyday, don’t cover her up. Think about investing in a really good make up artist who will enhance your natural beauty. …

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Winter family portraits

I love my repeat clients.  I even like the ones that don’t repeat, but it’s always great to see how much everyone has changed.  


I love shooting high school seniors that I’ve known since they were in kindergarten.  I actually hadn’t seen Jillian since 5th grade and I’m always so shocked to see that they have turned in to young adults.  I guess I forget how old I am and how much time goes by.  Seems like every year …

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Heidi and Brenton and this sweet little baby Romy.

I love this family.  I have been with them since before their wedding and just love my friends and families who keep me in their lives. Heid

Hetal and Collin

Oh my gosh, these two were the cutest. I just loved them for who they are. They seemed to really get each other and made each other laugh the entire time.  

The Bynums

I have known Jim and Trish Bynum forever and I am grateful for it every day. They are the very successful owners of At Your Service Event Management and some of the finest people I know. I have never seen such a hard-working team. It was an honor to shoot their beautiful twin daughters and get to …

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Paulson family portraits.

Love this family. The unposed photos are my very favorite. Love the sibling fights. Keeping it real. Pau

Bat Mitzvah

I love, love , love shooting bar/bat mitzvahs.  I think because the actual ceremony part of it is so beautiful.  I love the words of wisdom and the hope for the futures of these young kids.  I had the chance to work with the adventure Rabbi, Jamie Korngold and her words and music were so …

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Kipela family portraits.

I absolutely love working with kids and families.  The best part about it is when the kids are just being themselves without having to pose.   No matter what I do they always end up doing what they want and I think that is perfect.

Horse barn photo shoot.

This was an amazing photo shoot. One of the women bid on my gift certificate at an auction for Birds of Prey and asked if I would come out to her barn and shoot all the women with their horses. I love animals but have never really been around horses.  What struck me was the …

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Keva Brearton

Another beautiful high school senior and a few family shots to boot. And sweet little Olivia who snuck in for a few.

Julia, Jeremy and baby cooper.

The first time I met Julia I knew I would love her.  She’s beautiful, kind and tough.  I am sure, despite her size, that she could kick my ass.  I like that in a woman.  Her husband Jeremy is funny as heck and has a heart of gold.  I’m sure they balance each other very …

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The Godwins

I have know this family for maybe 15 years.  I have shot weddings, portraits, retirements all of it.  I feel so honored to be a part of a family’s life like this.They become a new family for me.  It feels really cool to watch the families grow and change and each new person is as …

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Dance 2B free

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the women who run Dance 2B free a non profit sharing dance in women’s prisons. I was immediately moved by the inner beauty each one of them possessed.  It is really remarkable to be able to see into someone.  Each woman had their own special way about them …

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Dani and Nick

I feel like I never know what to say in these blogs so I’m just going to talk about my experience with this family.  First of all, Dani, the bride.  I loved that when I got her shot list she asked for just a few photos of herself.  I get that, who wants to pose …

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Shayna and Nate Hollman

I have known Shayna for probably 15 years.  Her mom is my book keeper and she has had me shoot all their life events.  I was so honored to photograph Nate and Shayna’s wedding.  We flew to NYC to shoot their engagement session and that was amazing shooting and spending time with them.  They are so …

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A few of my favorites from beautiful Cuba.

Flagstaff Amphitheater Wedding

Loved this wedding and all the sweetness about it.  Truly remarkable human beings.  I kept watching the groom and watched him hug and kiss his friends and family.  It was so beautiful to see him express himself that way.  When it came to his wife, it truly was true love.  The way they looked at …

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