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All the beautiful brides in the world, right here, right now.

Wow, looking back through some of my weddings I am realizing just how beautiful all my brides are. So I decided to share their beauty with you.     Louisville, Lafayette, Lyons, Boulder and Denver Colorado wedding photographer. More weddings here. Call now to schedule your free consultation.303 748 6805

bride and groom portrait kissing

Wedding Shenanigans

Ruby and Dustin got married. As usual, I just love the couples I get to work with.  Each couple is uniquely different yet they all seem to have an authenticity about them that I find very attractive. Look at Ruby’s smile.  It’s fabulous.  It’s contagious.  Every time she smiled, I smiled. Dustin was super grounded.  …

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Before he says “I do”.

A tale of middle school love and a happy ending. This couple met in middle school. He told me ‘I used to sneak over to her house at night and throw rocks at her window. She’d jump out of her window and we’d run off. It had been snowing, we left footprints in the snow, …

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