Tip #4. Location

Senior Tip #4

Selecting the perfect locations for your High School Senior photo session is paramount.

Here’s your guide to choosing the best locations for your senior photo session:


  • Choose locations that show who you are: Pick spots for your senior photos that match your personality, hobbies, and what you love.

  • Mix it up: Try different types of places for your photoshoot. Whether you like nature, city vibes, or cool buildings, having a mix will make your photos more interesting.

  • Think about the time of year: Use the beauty of each season to your advantage. Whether it’s colorful leaves in the fall, blooming flowers in the spring, or snowy scenes in the winter, it can make your photos pop.

  • Find hidden spots: Look beyond the obvious places and discover unique spots in your area. You might find cool alleys, cute cafes, or historic spots that’ll make your photos stand out.




In our Senior High school photography sessions, all are welcome with open arms and hearts.

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, embracing individuals from all walks of life. LGBTQ individuals are not just welcome but valued and respected.

Our goal is to create a safe and affirming space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves authentically.

Discrimination has no place here; instead, we foster an environment of acceptance and support.

Your unique identity and journey are embraced and celebrated as integral parts of who you are.

Come as you are, and let us capture the essence of your beautiful self in every High School Senior Photography shot.


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