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How to get great photographs of yourself

Have you ever said these things after you’ve had your photograph taken?

  • I hate it.
  • OMG, can you get rid of the wrinkles?
  • I look so fat, can you get rid of the bulges?
  • Look at my hair, I hate my hair.
  • My eyes look so small, my smile looks weird…

The solution

  1. Having a good rapport with the person who is photographing you develops trust.
  2. Without trust, I feel there is no room for the real you to show up.
  3. We all need guidance. All of us have mannerisms that make us feel better, especially when we are nervous. (Tipping our head up to get rid of neck wrinkles, putting our hands on our hips because we don’t know what to do with them.) These photograph poorly.
  4. Encouragement. We all need it. When I say you look beautiful I mean it.
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