Learning to be kind and loving to myself.

 I wish I could  slow down…way down.  But it’s not my nature.    I like  moving rapidly, but that speed leads me to do things that aren’t, well, great.

And here’s an example:

 1. A few months ago, I changed my email address on my website.

2.  I was wondering why I wasn’t  hearing from anybody.  (for crying out loud it is booking season and I hadn’t heard from anyone.)

3.  I started  questioning my work value.–not a place I like to go.

The solution:

1.  A client reached out to me because she hadn’t heard back from me.

2.  So I called my web designer and she sent me the email where I requested the changes, and that’s where I saw I’d given her the wrong email.


It was hard to see the mistake was mine.

I struggle with perfectionism and this is a prime example of how it rears its ugly head and bites me in the ass.

I reached out to a friend who helped me laugh about it  and that made all the difference in the world.

 It dawned on me if  I’m not nice to myself who will be?

I thought I would share some of my private self portraits that reflect my struggles with perfectionism.

woman sitting with clouds covering her face
Head in the clouds
woman with line over face and birds sitting on a wire
woman sitting nude with tumbleweed on head
Hidden beneath.
eye art with fork
I see you.
woman facing her self with hat
Falling into myself.



collage art
collage art
All the people in my head.
collage art
Many parts of me.


The world is an amazing place.
photo collage art
Self, like thing
photo collage art
balancing act



photo collage art
when I was young

Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder and Denver Colorado photography.

2 thoughts on “Learning to be kind and loving to myself.”

  1. Beth, thanks for sharing these intimate pieces and for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. These are truly beautiful and intriguing. ❤️

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