Rolling into 2021

I don’t know about you, but this time of year always makes me reflective. On my walk today, I started reviewing my personal news show that runs in my head, let’s call it the greatest hits of 2020.  This year has often left me feeling as if someone had put their hands on my shoulders and kept pushing me down.

I feel like a prairie dog with my head popping up from the hole wondering, is it safe yet, can I come up? (Uh-oh, is that the animal control guy over there, I better make myself scarce–just kidding.)

I am feeling hopeful, and to tell you the truth, that feels unsettling after the roller coaster of 2020.   Maybe it’s just that human thing about change. We’ve all made  sacrifices and changed the way we interact with others.

Here are the highlights  of my personal 2020 news show:

  • My daughter is cancer free. A blessing every single day,
  • I live in downtown Louisville. I’ve witnessed food being distributed & I was able to donate,
  • I watched high school graduates, driving down Main St. to celebrate their accomplishment and passage into the next phase of their lives,
  • My mom recovered from Covid.  Grateful,
  • I stayed busy with work.  Thanks to all of you,
  • I have food on my table and a place to live,
  • I became proficient with zoom and Facetime,
  • I thought a lot more about how to run my business.  I had time,
  • Self reflection,
  • Too much death,
  • The fires,
  • Our current government.  Which ever side you fall on, it’s not good,
  • The insidiousness of all the anger and hurt,
  • The isolation,
  • The uncertainty, and
  • The fear.

Here’s my HOPE list for 2021:

  • Get rid of Covid and soon,
  • We learn to love and accept each other,
  • We learn to love and accept ourselves,
  • That those in need, find help,
  • That those with much find a way to give to those who don’t have enough,
  • We heal,
  • More than anything, I hope soon I can give you all a giant hug.

Much love and a Happy New Year.

Here are a few things I was lucky enough to shoot this year, despite Covid, the fires and the wind!!



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