These kids had quite an effect on me.


THESE KIDS made me laugh and feel so much joy.

I grew up in a time when my brothers, sisters and I ran free. We were outside all the time. Our parents would say, “just be home by dark”.

In the summer, we would bike ride, wander around with the neighborhood pack of kids, look in streams for crawfish, and do whatever we felt like doing. We used to have worm fights when the park flooded, we played deer hunter in the woods, capture the flag, anything, you name it, we played it.  I loved that about my childhood. Winters were the same. Ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowball fights.  Even stupid stuff that I’m grateful I’m still alive to tell you about. And it was always, always outside.

These kids made such an impression on me. At the shoot they were into all the things around them: puddles to jump in, bugs to catch, and rocks and flowers to see. These kids were really themselves and brought me right back to my childhood.

 During the shoot I just let them be. Taking that approach, instead of posing them. I knew that would give me the best outcome as their spirits were free.

Here’s what their mom, their stunning mom I might add, said when she saw the photographs:

“Beth, these brought tears to my eyes. You captured them to a T …Thank you, thank you!”




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