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How to achieve great baby portraits!

 I love babies:  Baby humans, baby animals, baby anything. 

A lot of folks are under the impression that kids/babies should sit there and look cute and smile.

Babies hardly ever do that.  They do what they know how to do, which is cry, laugh and entertain us.

Rarely do I look back at the superposed photos and think, “that’s my kid”.

My kid is doing all the things kids do, crying, laughing, hugging their favorite stuffed animal or sitting mad in a corner and those are the photographs that I really appreciate.

That’s what I strive to give my clients, real and authentic.

My best piece of advice is to just let your kids be. Don’t tell them to smile, bribe them with treats, (ok sometimes that does work), or ask them to behave in some expected way.

Let them be.  I will get their attention and you will get photographs you love.

Portraits can be taken at any time of the year.  Indoors, outside or in your home.

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 Louisville, Lafayette Colorado baby, family photography

baby outside in a hat photography

baby outside in a hat photography

baby studio photography

baby studio photography
Louisville, Lafayette Colorado baby, family photography

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