How to get authentic family portraits.




Channah is one of my best friends.  I’m so grateful for her in my life.

She  wanted me to photograph her family exactly as they are doing what they do everyday.

One of the keys to natural photography is to just let people be without any real posing. I’m observing, not directing.

That’s an easy thing to say, but a hard thing to do.  You can’t help but feel “on”  to some degree because there is a camera staring at you in the face.  Eventually you forget and that’s when the magic happens.

  You are not trying, your being.  What’s more beautiful than that?

 I’m always moved by people and their relationships.  What really struck me was the deep love this family has for one another, it showed in every single photo I took.

Family portraits can be done any time of the year.  Indoors, outdoors or in your own home.

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woman laughing really big

mom kissing daughter with love on cheek

mom and daughters legs with tap shoes

brother and sister crying at a farewell

brother wiping tears off sisters face

husband and wife smiling and laughing

sister and brother hugging

father and son hugging and smiling

crazy faced family portrait

family hugging and laughing

young woman playing game while mother is watching

young woman creating art portrait

man fixing car portrait

man fixing car portrait

dad and daughter playing chess


brother and sister sitting on floor watching video and eating


young man laughing in kitchen

brother and sister leaning on each other in kitchen

parents watching kids in kitchen


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